Planning Applications Considered at Spetisbury Parish Council Meetings.

 October 2023

Vine Cottage 

The Cottage, Spetisbury Manor

 July 2023

Land Adjoining St John the Baptist Church 

 Planning application: P/FUL/2023/03362 - (

January 2023

1 St Monica's Priory

Planning application: P/HOU/2022/07986 - (

The Old Pumping Station

Planning application: P/HOU/2022/06351 - (

The Old Rectory, High Street

Planning application: P/TRT/2021/01928 - (

North Farm Solar Park

Planning application: P/FUL/2022/07934 - ( 


 December 2022

The Woodpecker 


 October 2022

10/11 West End

Planning application: P/CLE/2022/05286 - ( 

Planning application: P/CLE/2022/05287 - (

Monks Mulberry, South Farm Lane

Planning application: P/FUL/2022/05795 - (

Charlton Barrow, Bournemouth Road

Planning application: P/FUL/2022/04835 - (

The Woodpecker, High Street 

Planning application: P/NMA/2022/05725 - (

The Cottage, Spetisbury Manor

Planning application: P/CLP/2022/05778 - ( 


September 2022

2 Gallop Cottages, A350

Planning application: P/HOU/2022/04515 - ( 

May 2022 Meeting

Oakdale, High Street

Planning application: P/HOU/2022/01988 - ( 

January 2022 Meeting

 Land South of St Johns Church

Planning application: P/FUL/2021/05437 - (  

 December 2021 Meeting

9 West End 



 November 2021 Meeting

Copper Beech House 


Beggars Roost 


April 2021 Meeting

Planning application: P/HOU/2021/00113 - (

Planning application: P/LBC/2021/00114 - (

Marigold Cottage, High Street 


 February 2021 Meeting

Planning application: P/FUL/2020/00369 - ( 

 The Woodpecker, High Street


 November 2020 Meeting

Planning application: 2/2020/0893/FUL - (

Land at Garden of Suvla Bay, High Street 

August 2020 Meeting

 Planning application: 2/2020/1103/FUL - (

Land at North Farm, West End



June 2020 Meeting 


 Land Adjacent to St John the Baptist's Church


April 2020 Meeting


Gowan Cottage, High Street 


February 2020 Meeting

2/2020/0017/LBC 29 High Street



January 2020 Meeting

2/2019/1663/FUL Suvla Bay, High Street



May 2019 Meeting


Oshawa High Street Spetisbury DT11 9DW
Convert loft to form additional living accommodation and form 3 No. dormer windows.


7 Priory Gardens Spetisbury DT11 9DS
Erect rear first floor balcony. (RETROSPECTIVE)


33 High Street Spetisbury DT11 9DJ
Temporary consent for continued use of chalet as living accommodation in association with guest house.

December 2018 Meeting

Clapcotts Farmhouse – Change of use of farm building to farm shop, cafe and undercover event building and associated car parking (variation of condition No. 1 of permission

To submit alternative floor plan to approved plans to allow additional dining area and use as a function room to farm shop/cafe area; variation of condition nos 3 & 4 of permission
  • 2/2017/0199/FUL
    To allow a maximum of 36 car boot sales/auctions per year to be held on Saturday or Sunday; variation of condition No. 5 of permission
  • 2017/0199/FUL – remove; variation of condition No. 6 of permission 2/2017/0199/FUL to amend opening days/hours of farm shop/cafe to Monday to Friday 9:00am - 6.00pm, Sat - Sun 9.00am to 2.00pm, evenings 6.00pm - 12.00am (as required), for private functions and small gatherings (10 - 80 people)

White Lodge, Louse Lane - Erect 1 no. single storey wrap around extension to include part front, south side & part rear extension.

September 2018 Meeting 

St Kitts, High Street, Spetisbury: Erect balcony  




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