Recycling Information


There are many different objects that can be recycled if you know where to take them but first of all make sure you know the up-to-date information about what can be out in your Council Bin Collection

Green Bin

Paper and cardboard including:

wrapping paper (not foil based), newspapers, envelopes, directories magazines

shredded paper (small quantities)

cereal boxes

greetings cards

cardboard (including corrugated card)

Most hard plastics (any colour) from food, drink and household products, including:

   • plastic bottles (including milk, soft drinks, shampoo, shower gel, cleaning products)

   • plastic pots (including yoghurt, cream, soup)

   • plastic tubs (including margarine, butter, ice cream)

    plastic trays (any colour, including fruit and vegetable punnets)

   • plastic lids (they must be placed back on the plastic bottles, pots and tubs)

   • tins and cans

    aerosols (including deodorant, hairspray, furniture polish

Green Box

glass bottles and jars

metal bottle/jar tops (left on the bottle or jar)

Food Caddy

You do not need to buy special bags to line it –if you get anything in a plastic cover that says recyclable on it, cut open carefully and use to line the caddy. (or just use newspaper)

Battery Bag - batteries

The Recycling Centre Blandford

Recycles wood, metal, garden waste

Other items

Clothes, books, bric-a-brac local charity shops

Furniture British Heart Foundation will collect certain items (not children’s equipment or most electrical items) book online

or phone 0808 250 0030

soft contact lenses and blister packs (any brand) Boots Wimborne

Tassimo pods and plastic wrapping 25 Rushcombe Way Corfe Mullen BH2 3QR

Flowerpots Lavender Farm, Fiddleford takes flowerpots but contact to check what kind they need at any one time

Jo O’Connell

Glasses most opticians take old glasses for charity, Robert Frith and Specsavers in Blandford certainly do.

Brita water filters Argos stores

Plastic bottle tops post to FREEPOST LUSH GREENHUB (must be in capital letters!)

Inkjet cartridges (Canon, Del, HP, Lexmark, Neopost, Samsung) – register with and recycle them for a charity of your choosing

Citrus fruit nets Have you noticed that the labels on some of the nets used for citrus fruit say they can be recycled with plastic bags? Morrisons still seems to be the only place locally to deposit them at present. The bin is in front of the checkouts, right up in the corner. 

New Forest Live at Home (community organisation) Ringwood

Ann Taylor goes to Ringwood monthly and will deliver – leave a bagful (unsorted but clean please) on her bins at side of house, 26 High Street, Spetisbury

Aqua Optima Evolve water filters

Oral care – any brand – toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes (really empty), outer packaging

Writing instruments – pens, markers, correction pens


We need That is a bi-monthly directory of people looking for particular items to recycle,(mostly addresses in Poole and Bournemouth) eg bubble wrap and polystyrene pizza bases

Yoghurt Pots why not stop buying them and make your own – easy to do in a yoghurt machine or just in a wide-mouthed thermos.

Thinking of buying craft or theatrical materials? Try 07565 577094 An amazing variety of things from fake limbs to biscuit tins, fabric swatches and cardboard boxes for a small price per bagful.

Allen Valley Milk   You can now buy milk from milk machines at Damory Vets in Blandford, the Allendale Centre in Wimborne, and at Pamphill Dairy. Bring your own bottles, or buy them for £1.00, and fill them with lovely fresh, local milk for £1.00 per litre.